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Axiom of the Elite III NZMetal Zine
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    Axiom of the Elite III NZMetal Zine

    by Scourge » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:36 pm


    The third and final edition of the zine will be made available on the 16th of July.

    Once again, readers will find a cavalcade of anecdotal history of bands from the ass-end of the world.

    This issue features 13 of the best (yet lesser known or unknown internationally) bands of various metal genres from New Zealand and comes with digital download codes of high quality mp3s, FLAC or wavs of all the bands featured:

    Ballista (Powerful Grindcore)
    Cephalopod (Brain-Frying Technical Death Metal)
    Eolithic Relapse (Filthy Grindcore)
    Fallen Order (Majestic and Mighty Power/Heavy Metal)
    Graves (Furious Grindcore/Powerviolence)
    Hatred (Indigenous Malevolent Death Metal)
    Insidious Retch (Psychotic-Inducing Grindcore)
    MetalTower (Dimension-Bending Progressive Black/Death Metal)
    Open Tomb (Soul-Corrupting Sludge/Doom Metal)
    Prisoner of War (Terrifying Death/Thrash Metal)
    Slavedriver (Post-Apocalyptic Powerviolence/Grindcore)
    Spiteful Urinator (Disgusting Dero Crust Punk)
    Unholy Sex Cult (Feral Crust/Grindcore)

    Strictly limited to 200 copies, so don't miss out.

    Pricing is $12NZD + shipping if applicable.

    For more information check here: ... ompilation

    Contact through the Facebook page or email deusintrocladesATgmailDOTcom for orders/trades.

    Death awaits within black and white heresy.

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