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Festival DVD
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    Re: Professional Audio/Video Recordings

    by Captain Alex » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:59 am

    DragonLordJones wrote:I would hope the bands would include full show dvds of 70000tons in expanded edition cds on their next cd release.
    I would think any dvd from the promoters would be only a song or two at most from each band plus blooper reels and random video, photos and whatnot . To put out a full set of each band wouldn't be cost effective as it would have to be a huge dvd set for everything.
    just my 2 cents :cheers:

    we were talking about the strong commercial potencial of a DVD with guys from Doro last cruise..

    my vision from the first day I was on my first 70K cruise was to have some shots from a helicopter that would be totally awesome.. imagine a zoom to some guy playin guitar and then the zoom-out seeing all the pool deck and then zoom-out all the cruise and the sea.

    I know a helicopter may be expensive but perhaps It may shot just a couple of hours or just some shows to support the shots from regular cameras onbroad and edit the DVD, I think is not impossible as any people can take a helicopter tour for about 20 or 30 minutes on ny, grand canyon and other touristic places for about 200 American dlls
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