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Give us more hard stuff!
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    Re: Give us more hard stuff!

    by Metalwrath » Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:46 pm

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    Re: Give us more hard stuff!

    by soundcurve » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:37 pm

    Metalwrath wrote:I guess if i was 15 and never really heard black metal they would sound like decent songs.

    That is probably the age I would of most likely defended "pure" metal (the older satyricon albums I assume you refer to coming out when I was that age). Also the age I noticed this type of "what is" and "what is not" taking place. Granted some of the younger guys I've jammed with these days (21 - 25) seem to have this stance. Granted at 15 I was looking for the most messed up death metal I could get my hands on (Thanks relapse record mail order!). I enjoy newer Satyricon more than say their Dark Medieval Times (I know, "omg blasphemy ur not "trve""). I agree with the above folk that I enjoy newer satyricon and enslaved (sry, not samael). I personally dont give much heed to what the metal consensus or popular opinion is with this regard nor read much of it. All I know is if a song hits me correctly (ex: my adrenaline starts to kick out and I feel the urge to pulverize face in to ground meat /move) it is good to me. Over-thought / technical music has its place in observation but I listen to music for catharsis; not to be cultured, or any other higher reason. Most of my faults with power metal / technical metal is it loses a lot of the "punk" attitude and the human emotion that makes me like music. Sure, the dudes could play circles around me but it means fuck all if I can't feel it. Again, I guess 15ish is when I was most caught up in that too. Ex: "if the solo doesn't have at least a 32nd note runs in it it's crap." Call me old, I just don't care enough anymore as it seems the more you age the more you see the same tired ass arguments of what is "pure" or the attempts to define something that is subjective. I fully support artist experimenting as to them going through the motions of rewriting past glories (Nemesis Divina) over and over and over. If people don't like it, don't listen, but I'd much rather the artist take that path than to getting a day job / crap out half-hearted music.

    Either way, probably a drunken rant as stated which I am no stranger to! :cheers: TEHO
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    Re: Give us more hard stuff!

    by KevinP » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:01 am

    EVERY Metalwrath post is a drunken rant. Always remember that :heavydrink:


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    Re: Give us more hard stuff!

    by Ravenlord » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:20 am

    Aww, I missed it. Big downside about metalwrath is that he cleans up after himself in the morning.

    Mod request: Metalwrath no longer has any control over his posts post post :lol:

    Totally intentional.
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