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Rate your 70K experiences
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    Rate your 70K experiences

    by cowboy71 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:47 am

    Inspired by a discussion over on Facebook.

    Doesn't matter if you've done only 1, or done all 10 (or 11 for that matter if you went on Barge).

    How did they all rate?

    I'll start, in order of best to 'worst'

    2011 - The great unknown, the great lineup. Mix of my fave bands old and new, getting to see Epica, Tyr, Sabaton, Circle II Circle and Trouble for the first time. Ten '10/10' bands on a 42 band lineup. Unbeatable. 10/10

    2013 - My first solo 70K! Another epic lineup (nine '10s' this time) and starting to get to know the ship (and the veterans) better made this one pretty special. 10/10

    2017 - Another great lineup! Amaranthe, Serenity, Orden Ogan. A very memorable cruise. 10/10

    2019 - taking my son on 70K for the first time, solid power metal lineup with Gloryhammer, Twilight Force, Dragony, Van Canto, Temperance. Great 70k. 10/10

    2018 - Flying solo again! Stress of being in the middle of selling house back home made it less than ideal, but my #1 bucketlist band (Evertale) and some great band interactions (discussing Gallipoli at length with Par from Sabaton was amazing), made for an excellent cruise. 8/10

    2016 - great lineup with multiple bucketlist bands, getting to see Twilight Force for the first time. Solid cruise. 8/10

    2012 - Not as magical as 2011, But adding a bunch of great bands seen for the first time (Kamelot, Eluveitie, Edguy, Hammerfall, Therion) made it still enjoyable. 7/10

    2020 - Brilliant times with lovely people, but the announcement shit, and the lack of power metal made this a low ranking one for me. 7/10

    2014 - a good lineup, but the Kamelot shit-show, the 6 month silence, and strobe overload that gave me a migraine on the last night made this whole cruise memorable for the wrong reasons. 6/10

    2015 - started well with announcements early in the year, but all downhill from there. Very little power metal, half the lineup dumped in the final month. The last minute addition of Wintersun was too little, too late. 5/10
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by cowboy71 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:01 am

    Interesting to note that for me, the odds have generally been the best!

    Top 4 - 2011, 2013, 2017, 2019.

    The anomaly being 2015 being the worst.

    So could either say that 2021 will be epic for me once again, OR the above could be a pattern (good, good, SHIT, good, good) meaning 2021 will be shit again :O
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by metalforever » Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:25 am

    cool topic !

    will rate best to worst.

    2017 first cruise of any type , wife came with me , not really her thing metal music , we had a great time anyway ,port visit very good ,score 92

    2018 went solo, had a very good time , port visit good, score 87

    2020 went solo again , had a good overall time , with the drama leading into the cruise , late announcements , lack of updates , and not knowing if there would be any type of cruise at all , worthwhile or otherwise , combined with the rough weather on the seas returning from Cozumel , combined with the port visit only being so-so at best should not have got off the boat ! score 82
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by Marmotte » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:11 am

    2018 : first timer with my hubby. Great time even if we had the flu and I had to be confined to my cabin for 24 hours. People kept saying we should stop partying so much, but we just had the flu and looked very tired. We saw 28 different bands. 9/10

    2019: best cruise with my hubby, great line-up we saw 33 different bands and caught the flu on the plane going back home this time. 10/10

    2020: abandoned ship, vacation cancelled for my hubby and late booking, bands announcement made it impossible for him to get his vacation. For me, the line up wasn't up to my expectation so I canceled my cabin. Even if I kept my cabin and being on the boat, I would have seen a maximum of 15 different bands, which is not enough for me to commit considering the price of the cruise.

    2021: hope to come back depending of the process and line up :P
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by Malaka » Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:59 pm

    In order of best to 'worst' (and copying some words from Statsman)

    2011 - The great unknown, the great lineup. Mix of my fave bands old and new, getting to see old faves Amon Amarth, Moonspell, Fear Factory, Nevermore, Marduk, & Obituary on a boat, and seeing Iced Earth, Testament, Tyr, Sodom, & Twilight of the Gods for the first time, in addition to sharing a hotel & limo to and from the port with the world famous Debb and the legendary Forbidden was an experience I'll never forget. Unbeatable. 10/10

    2012 - Wife's first cruise! Another epic lineup (My Dying Bride, Kataklysm, Dark Funeral, Suffocation, and many more), doing Slayer on karaoke with a very intoxicated Frank Mullen, having dinners with several band members, and starting to get to know the ship (and the veterans) better made this one pretty special. 10/10

    2014 - Decent lineup and great to see many cruise vets, but I had a feeling it would be my last one for a while. It was our honeymoon and the wife was sick for the majority of the cruise. Septicflesh, Keep of Kalessin, Satyricon, and Death To All were all high on my list, but the biggest surprise and best set went to Unearth on the pool deck. And then there was the Satyricon, Venom, and day 4 storm fiascos. 7/10.

    Barge - a great lineup, but the 6 month silence, the Hypocrisy cancellation, a jackass security guard blocking the view in the Rectum Lounge, shitty sound, shitty attitudes from fans and staff, and basically acting as a tour manager for one of the bands made this whole cruise memorable for the wrong reasons. 5/10.
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by cegr80 » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:13 am

    I'm not gonna describe each year. All of them have been absolutely amazing. Great bands and great friends. That's it
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by cholernik » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:06 pm

    well since 2019 was my first year, I guess it was my best year. I learned a lot, and now I'm pretty pumped for future years. Maybe I'll get around to meeting people.
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by Phoenix » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:20 pm

    2017 - Holy moly, this was a good year for me. I went to so many shows, so many of which were absolutely incredible. MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, SCAR SYMMETRY, Allegaeon, Aeternam, Draconian, Dalriada, Kamelot, I remember so many sets fondly. This was the first year I really felt like I belonged on the boat as well. I had a group of friends wherever I went, and a certain boat husband of mine surprised us all by showing up when we previously thought he didn't have a ticket. 10/10, only complaint is I went too hard.

    2019 - It's amazing this year is not the top of the list despite having NeO, Eluveitie, In Vain, AND Mors Princiupium Est all at once. Holy moly, what a good year. Best group of cabin mates, some excellent pool deck sets at 4 or 5 in the morning. Everything was great about this. 2017 and 2019 are very close together to me, for different reasons. 8/10, I just didn't feel quite as enthused. Lots of 4s, not enough 3s, I think.

    2018 - 70,000 Tons of Tears. I was rolling with my crew the whole time, I finally got to check out the dining room, and I did a lot more partying than I had the chance to in 2017. I went to fewer sets, but the quality was incredibly high. Double Sabaton headliner sets, Dark Tranquility, Gyze, and... Winter's Gate. I still cry when I think about Winter's Gate. That set may never be beaten, ever. Ever ever ever. This was also the first year I finally felt like I found the sweet spot between shows and friends. 7/10, just a little too much seasick.

    2015 - This year legit changed my life - out of a series of crappy relationships, this was my first big trip ever (where I wasn't with a terrible human). I experienced all the things I had previously been missing at once. I met friends I still have today, I saw sets that I'll never forget (Behemoth pool deck in particular), and I gained more confidence than expected. But, 6/10 - lineup was not my favourite, I went too hard, and had some drama at the end that marred the experience. Still not enough to keep me from coming back, obviously.
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by slayergeek » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:25 am

    my 70k Journey began 2012/2013. I saw the adds for 70,000 Tons on BlabberMouth and soon learned about Barge To Hell as well. I played the rookie game of waiting for announcements. I was leaning towards Barge To Hell but didn't commit to either one and didn't participate in any way that year. 0/10 but my own fault. Rookie mistake #1

    2014, my first 70K. After last years indecision I learned my lesson and didn't wait for announcements and just booked at first chance. My friend George was coerced into going by my wife because he was not sure if he wanted to be 'trapped on a cruise ship for 4 days'. We stayed at a hotel by the air port in Miami and didn't see anyone until boarding ( rookie mistake #2). Cruise was awesome, George had a great time and the event definitely changed my life. Had a hard time keeping track of the 40 bands and 80 shows and struggled to rate things and keep track of what we wanted to see (This cruise needs an App!). Having the pool deck get raining out by a raging storm added to the logistical challenges, but this experience had me hooked. Stand outs sets for me were: The Haunted, Haggard, Fintroll, Death. Exploring Mayan ruins with metal heads who didn't always listen to the guide's rules (nothing dangerous or messed up, but we did annoy the guy a bit) was awesome as well. 10/10

    2015 George and I were going back. No hesitation, no BS! This time I knew there was a pre-party at the Riptide and we were going to stay near the action. George and I invited our friend Alex to join us this year. We were at the party the evening before the cruise, but missed the beach picture because...rookie mistake #3. We landed and went to get food near the Rip Tide. On entering a nearby restaurant we were seated next to a large contigent of Aussie's who insisted we join them at their table (because Aussie's are awesome like that) We all had a great time and I had a beta version of my app for iOS that had push notifications for announcements. I think only like 6 people had it that year...if that many. Sitting at dinner with the Aussie's is when I got the alert that Wintersun was playing the cruise! That was a really special moment because I had just gotten into them by chance a few months earlier, also the notification system was still new and untrusted and I wasn't expecting announcements, much less my app buzzing the day before cruise. The cruise was really awesome, I got to know my cruise family soooo much better that year. Stand outs sets for me were: Alestorm, Annihilator, Arch Enemy, Municipal Waste, Origin (first pillow fight mosh pit), Trollfest, and Wintersun! 10/10

    2016 was an interesting year. In Oct/Nov I had spent 3 weeks in the hospital with pancreatitis that lead to sepsis with some ICU psychosis thrown in along with the associated memory loss of a lot of those 3 weeks. I got out the hospital in time for my birthday on 11/13, but was down 40 pounds of my already not very large frame. That being said, I was not going to miss out on 70K and worked hard to get healthy and recover before sail. This year the party was myself, George, my daughter Jodi and my her boyfriend at the time Louie, who is now the bassist in my band Absolute Darkness. I had been working all year on the app and had a full version, including the schedule feature for iOS and a more basic Android version. I had a few talks with various people at UMC about the schedule feature, as they had been typically releasing the schedule the morning of sail, and this would give me no time for data entry. I wanted them to release the schedule sooner and partner with me on the app, but after internal discussions they rejected any cooperation. They said they had no objection to what I was doing, but could not help. They promised nothing and I crossed my fingers that I would be able to deliver the promised schedule to the app. Ultimately UMC released the schedule to everyone 2 or 3 days before sail and they have released the schedule with enough time for my activities every year since. This year I was fully on board with the pre-parties and was there for 2 of the 3 days and finally made the beach party group photo! Also my ex-band mates from Impaled were on the boat as Ghoul. Since they were a last min add they needed help getting merch on the ship so I brought 2 extra suite cases with their merch inside. Stand outs sets for me were: At The Gates, Fleshgod Apocalypse (discovered them when they were announced and are now a favorite), my friends in Ghoul!, Nervosa, and Koi K Utho. If you havn't noticed a pattern 10/10

    2017 George and I were back again and invited our friend Marcus to join us. This was the first year with full and feature matching versions of both the iOS and Android apps. I 'think' this was the year that Aaron starting providing his excellent default band notes into the app. This was also my first year staying at the Clevelander in Miami! George and I were now seasoned vets and this was another great year. Standout sets were: Allegaeon, Annihilator, Anthrax, Arch Enemy, Mors Principium Est (now a favorite, but unknown to me when announced), Revocation, Suffocation, Testament, Trollfest, and Unleashed! 10/10

    2018 For the first time George said he needed a break and wanted to do other things, but I was undeterred. I bought my typically balcony cabin at first chance and figured I would sort out the roommate thing later. After hitting up a few friends and many balking at the cost I went about recruiting a cabin-mate. Nathan that year was the one who stepped up, and it worked out well. Mat from Exhumed was onboard and we had been friends since my days in Impaled so it was awesome to have a chance to hang out with him. I was back at the Clevelander and did the Kayaking with Dorthy for the first time. The app was a staple of the cruise by this time and was just on the annual improvements cycle. Standout sets were: Alestorm, Beyond Creation, Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Exodus, Gyze, and Obscura. 10/10

    2019 and was back to recruiting a new roommate. George was still a pass, and Nathan could not afford to go, so back to the recruitment bandwagon we go. This time Ben stepped up! and was another excellent travel and cruise partner. On board I got to meet and hang out with Trey Xavierr and Alex Naslala from Gear Gods! Standout sets were: Blood Bath, Carnation, Exmortus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, God Dethroned, Mors Principium Est (As the first show, this was awesome!), Perpetual Warfare, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Warbringer 10/10

    2020 and George had some job changes so was out again (He will be back at some point folks I promise!) and after some back and forth it was Ben and I rooming again. Worked with a designer for a major UI rework of the app this year, which I had been meaning to do for some time, but Robert Jan de Vries was the first to stepped up and deliver! Having Vio-lence on board was also very special and getting to meet and hangout multiple times on the ship with both Sean Killian and Phil Demmel was very special. Not only did I re-connect this year with Trey Xavierr and Alex Naslala from Gear Gods, but also got to meet and hangout with Glenn Fricker from Spectre Sound. Standout sets were: At The Gates, Exodus, Origin (Pillow Fight Mosh Pit Round II, Bigger, better, and this time with a mattress!), Possessed, Suffocation, Vio-lence, and Wintersun! 10/10

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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by Jotunheimr » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:33 am

    Best: 2020
    Ho. Lee. Shit. What a lineup. With Kampfar, Haggard, and Moonsorrow being 3/4 of my bucketlisters and perhaps Archon Angel partially filling Savatage’s #4 slot with Zak Stevens belting out old Savatage classics, I knew I couldn’t miss this. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever get a chance to see Kampfar live, nor witness Moonsorrow playing Verisakeet in its entirety. Bonus points for the additions of Wintersun (incredible as always) and Finntroll (who rarely tour the states, I’ve only seen them once before the cruise). I didn’t think I’d like Candlemass but I saw their theater set and boy, was I wrong. Bonus points for At The Gates, Cruachan, Devin, Exodus, Trollfest, Ereb Altor, and Wilderun. My best friend of 20 years (who I haven’t seen since the 2015 cruise) and his wife were able to make the trip which made it even more special. All the artists were super friendly and outgoing and I even got to eat dinner with Haggard in the fancy dining room which was a huge highlight of the trip. My mom who’s a huge fan of Devin Townsend wasn’t able to get time off work to join us this time so Devin recorded her a special video message greeting. The guy’s a real class act. And it was nice seeing so many of you guys for the first, second and third times. It made me realize I’ve been away from the family for too long. Unforgettable.

    Second: 2015. Not a popular lineup overall but I had so many favorites onbroad, including some bands that I’d never had the chance to see before especially Equilibrium, the band that made me book right away. I’m a huge folk metal nerd and was thrilled with Wintersun, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Trollfest, Claim the Throne, Einherjer, and Alestorm, as well as Blind Guardian, Behemoth, Riot, Amorphis, Kataklysm, and Melechesh. It was my first 70k, which was completely beyond my expectations and blew my mind, and will always bring back fond memories.

    Third: 2016. This one was a great experience too and is really close to 2015. Thyrfing was my holy shit band and they rounded out my top three with Tyr and Children of Bodom. Being next door neighbors with Tyr and having breakfast beers with them was awesome. Arkona was amazing both times. I also enjoyed Eluveitie, Turisas, Skalmold, Fallujah, Belphegor, Dragonforce, Firewind, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rotting Christ, Starkill, Stratovarius, and Sodom. My only complaint was the island. There were aggressive salesmen everywhere and shady taxi/van drivers who tried to get us to pay $30 per person (in our group of six) for a ride to the nearest beach. I spent maybe 15 minutes on the island and then got back on the boat to sleep off the hangover.

    I’m just now beginning to realize how hard it will be to stay home next year.
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    Re: Rate your 70K experiences

    by Lala » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:59 pm

    10 Cruises, all with my wife.
    we liked all the years on broad, in the first years we thought that andy has to learn to make earlier announcements, 2020 was the first time that we thought about going - the earlier years it was an "of course" to go...
    2021 we will 90 % not cruise again - it seems to get worth than ever, with no date, boat and band.

    It was a perfect idea to do a cruise like that, and it was always perfect onbroad, but with an incompetend organiser like andy the waiting is no fun anymore....
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