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Looking for a Swede!!
  • DonDanzone
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    Looking for a Swede!!

    by DonDanzone » Sat Aug 19, 2023 3:43 am

    We are 3 guys from Sweden with fingers on the button to book a cabin, but we need one more to keep the costs in the lower regions. If there are any Swedes reading this, we are looking for a fourth to fill up a quad before booking, preferably from Sweden. We are more than familiar with rock-cruises in the carribbean since we´ve been to several during the Years. The reason that we are looking for a Swede is that we are not familiar with the way 70.000 is paid for, individually or the whole cabin so just to make communications easier. Please contact me as soon as possible if You are interrested!
    Hope that we can find You, our new friend!!! :viking:
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