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Selling My Cheap Spot In QUAD Cabin
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    Selling My Cheap Spot In QUAD Cabin

    by arcaneperfection » Wed Dec 13, 2023 4:21 am

    Hello all. Selling my spot in a QUAD cabin.
    Unfortunately I can’t make it to 70K due to my ESTA being revoked all of a sudden =‘(
    You’ll be rooming with a Finn and two Swedes, all veteran boat goers.
    Spot will cost $1548, + $100 for the admin fee.
    Hmu for any more info you need. First come first serve!
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    Re: Selling My Cheap Spot In QUAD Cabin

    by Danny24601 » Sun Dec 24, 2023 2:08 pm

    Assuming you've resolved this already, but if not I'm interested.
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